A limited-time menu, "Dried horse mackerel with a yellowtail sauce" will be available at Yayoiken set meal restaurant.
Dried horse mackerel on the Yayoi eatery's fish menu!

Yayoiken "Dried Horse Mackerel with Dried Fish" Lunch Set

Yayoiken will offer a limited-time menu item, "Dried Horse Mackerel with Salt and Miso Sauce" starting May 12.

Yayoiken is well-known for its meat menu, but it also offers a variety of fish dishes such as "Grilled Mackerel with Salt", "Mackerel in Miso", "Shimahokke", and " Grilled Silver Salmon with Salt " which was introduced in April.

The new "Dried horse mackerel set meal" is priced at 760 yen (including tax), a little higher than the mackerel set meal and a little lower than the Shimahokke and silver salmon set meals. This is a dish to order when you want to enjoy a different kind of fish.

Yayoiken's fish menu
From May 12

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