Pompador "Cool Sensation" Series

German herbal tea brand "Pompadour". I have reviewed "Pompadour Glühwein (for hot wine) " which is perfect for the cold season before, but this time I will introduce the "Cool Sensation" series that I want to drink in the refreshing season. It's sweet and very delicious without sugar!

◆ Cool sensation

Pompadour's watered herbal tea series. There are 3 types in the lineup, all of which have zero caffeine. To make it, put one tea bag in 250 ml of water and leave it at room temperature for 5 to 8 minutes to complete. It's watering, but I'm glad that I can drink it immediately when I want to drink without having to wait for hours.

Pompador "Cool Sensation" Series

Pompador "Cool Sensation" Series

◆ Strawberry orange

Herbal tea with a beautiful bright red color has an impressive acidity of hibiscus and rose hips. Fresh strawberry, orange and apple overlap. Another feature is that stevia, a plant-derived sweetener, is used instead of sugar. It is sweet as it is, and even children can enjoy it like juice.

Pompador "Cool Sensation Strawberry Orange"

◆ Peach & passion fruit

Herbal tea with a shade like sunset is impressive with the refreshing flavor of apple. The juicy sweetness reminiscent of peach juice dripping can be played. Finally, the tropical scent of passion fruit is fluffy.

Pompador "Cool Sensation Peach & Passion"

◆ Berry Mojito

The gorgeous ruby-colored herbal tea is also gorgeous in taste. The sweet and sour taste of hibiscus, blackberry and lime spreads throughout your mouth. The scent of peppermint slips through your nose. Perfect when you want to refresh the refreshing aftertaste.

Pompador "Cool Sensation Very Mojito"

The price of 18 bags is 650 yen each (excluding tax). You can also buy it at other online shops such as supermarkets. Why don't you use a slightly sweet and refreshing herbal tea to accompany your cafe?