"Potato Chip Scrisp Wasabi Flavor" using wasabi from Shinshu Azumino

"Potato Chip Scrisp Wasabi Taste" will be released on May 11th from the "Potato Chip Scrisp" series of tubular potato chips featuring Calbee's crisp texture. The estimated price is around 235 yen (tax included). Scheduled to be sold out in mid-August.

"Potato Chips Crisp" is a crispy potato chip that has a crisp and pleasant texture that perfectly matches the flavor of potatoes. The new product "Potato Chip Scrisp Wasabi Omi" is a limited-time flavor that uses wasabi from Shinshu Azumino to enjoy the refreshing aroma and spiciness.

By adding the umami of dried bonito to the hidden taste, the flavor of wasabi is enhanced, and it is finished in a taste that you can enjoy not only spiciness but also an elegant and refreshing scent. The package is based on dark green, with pictures of grated wasabi placed on it, making it easy to imagine the taste.

After the test sale in 2018, it was sold nationwide for a limited time in April 2019, and it was well received, so based on the result of the questionnaire "I want you to use more wasabi", it will be resold with more wasabi flavor. It was decided.