Calbee "Potato Chips Consomme Punch"
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From the goo ranking, "Calbee's potato snack ranking that makes you want to eat" was announced. Here are the top 3 products that respondents want to eat (aggregation period: May 13th to May 27th).

Calbee's potato snack ranking that makes you want to eat

3rd place "Potato Chips Consomme Punch"

Calbee "Potato Chips Consomme Punch"

"Potato Chips Consomme Punch" is a condensed flavor of the ingredients and a secret spice. Launched in 1978 as the third flavor of the potato chips brand. The feature is that the powder for seasoning is made from soup.

The powder, which is the decisive factor for the taste, is a special dish that is made by laying down carefully stewed meat and vegetable soup and processing it with a unique manufacturing method. By adding plum meat as a secret ingredient to this, a refreshing and unique taste is realized. Potato chips with a timeless taste that you can eat as much as you want.

2nd place "Potato Chips Nori Shio"

Calbee "Potato Chips Norisio"

"Potato Chips Nori Shio" is a perfect match between the flavors of green laver and sea lettuce and the crisp saltiness. Introduced in 1976 as the first potato chips brand to replace the taste, it is a standard product with a long history next to the light taste.

A product that has been devised to combine the particle size of salt in order to give it a sharp salty taste. By using roasted sesame oil and capsicum as a secret ingredient, it is finished with a sharp and lingering taste. With the renewal in September 2020, the seasoning has been improved, and the saltiness, umami, and flavor have been improved.

1st place "Potato chips light taste"

Calbee "Potato Chips Light Taste"

"Potato Chips Light Taste" that makes the best use of the original taste of potatoes and allows you to enjoy a moderately salty taste and a light texture. It is a long-selling product that has been loved by many people for nearly half a century, celebrating its 45th anniversary in 2020.

The secret of the crispy texture lies in the "thickness" of the potatoes, which we have been researching since its release, but in addition to this, we made the best use of the taste of the ingredients by thoroughly paying attention to the type and temperature of the frying oil. It is finished to be delicious. It may be that many people were attracted to the fact that they wanted to eat it because it was simple but full of commitment.