Calbee "Potato Chips Scrisp Wasabi Flavor"

From Calbee's tubular potato chips "Potato Chips Scrisp" series, a new product "Potato Chips Scrisp Wasabi Taste" that allows you to enjoy the refreshing spiciness and aroma of wasabi will be released in advance at the convenience store on May 17th. Other than convenience stores, it will be released on May 31st. Scheduled to be sold out in late August.

"Potato Chips Crisp" is a crispy potato chip that has a crisp texture that perfectly matches the flavor of potatoes. It first appeared in August 2016 with the aim of revitalizing the molded potato chips market. Currently, in addition to the standard "light taste", "consomme punch", "black pepper taste" (S size only), "sour cream & onion taste" (L size only), limited-time flavors are also available.

The "Potato Chip Scrisp Wasabi Taste" that will be released this time is a limited-time flavor that allows you to enjoy the tongue of wasabi from Shinshu, the scent that comes out, and the taste of dried bonito flakes. After test sales, it will be released nationwide for a limited time in 2019 and 2020. In 2020, there was a request for resale with a sales record higher than the previous year, so we decided to improve the taste of wasabi to make it easier to eat and resell it. It has a refreshing scent, spiciness, and a crispy texture. * 0.02% of wasabi produced in Shinshu is used as wasabi powder.

Contents 115g (4.06oz) (L size). The assumption is around 235 yen (tax included).