Tomoriko Grilled corn

From the "Jagarico" sister product "Tomoriko" series, a new product "Tomoriko-yaki corn flavor" will be released. It will be on sale from May 4th at convenience stores and from May 18th at other stores. Limited time sale until early August.


A snack snack that you can enjoy the taste of freshly boiled corn. Using corn as the main ingredient, it expresses a pleasant texture that is crispy at the beginning and crispy afterwards. A sister product is "Eda Mariko," which uses edamame as its main ingredient.

Tomoriko Plain
Plain tomoriko

Mariko Eda Plain
Mariko Eda, a sister product

Tomoriko Grilled corn flavor

The "Tomoriko-yaki corn flavor" to be released this time is based on the image of "Yaki-corn" eaten at a food stall. The flavor and aroma of soy sauce is added, and the taste is expressed like grilled corn, which is made by boiling soy sauce and baking it. Tailored to bring out the natural sweetness of sweet corn, the main ingredient.

Grilled corn

Each bag contains 32g (1.13oz) and contains 1.6g (0.21oz) of dietary fiber derived from corn. The estimated price is around 140 yen (tax included). The package comes with a zipper that allows you to enjoy an appropriate amount whenever you like.