"Potato chips blueberry gum flavor" "Potato chips plum gum flavor"

"Potato Chips Blueberry Gum Flavor" and "Potato Chips Plum Gum Flavor" that reproduce the taste of Lotte's long-selling products "Blueberry Gum" and "Plum Gum" will be released on February 15th. Available at Don Quijote affiliated stores and Apita Piago nationwide. Limited quantity, will end as soon as it runs out (assumed around the end of March 2021).

In April 2020, Calbee and Lotte jointly established the "Funny Research Institute" to pursue the original enjoyment of sweets and create the future of sweets. As the first release, 5 products with the common theme of "Munekyun" will be released, "Toppo [Tomoriko]" will be released in August, and "Big pie fruit [Happy Bata-]" will be released in September. , We produce sweets that combine the representative products of both companies.

Calbee x Lotte "Funny Research Institute"

This time, when selecting the 4th jointly developed product, we pursued an exciting taste, asking "what kind of taste does it have?" Lotte's long-selling products "Blueberry Gum" and "Plum Gum" will be reproduced with Calbee potato chips. A product that men and women in their 30s and 50s who especially like chewing gum should enjoy.

Potato chips blueberry gum flavor

"Potato Chips Blueberry Gum Flavor" reproduces the sweet and sour taste of "Blueberry Gum" released in 1982 and the refreshing aroma of highland fruits. "Potato Chips Plum Gum Flavor" reproduces the refreshing flavor of plum and perilla from "Plum Gum" released in 1976. The package is a gum color that collaborates with the background.

Potato chips plum gum flavor

The estimated price is around 120 yen (tax included). Depending on the store, it may not be available, or it may be sold out and sold out.