Kushikatsu Deggana To go Bento

Kushikatsu Dengana "Kushikatsu Bento", "Karaage Bento" and "Menchikatsu Bento

Some outlets of the skewered pork bar "Kushikatsu Dengana" are offering three types of To go bento boxes featuring popular skewers and lunch menu items, as well as a special "half-price To go skewers campaign".

The three types of bento include the "Kushikatsu Bento," which offers both five popular skewers and fried food, the "Karaage Bento," a hearty bento containing fried food and corn kakiage, a popular lunch menu item, and the "Menchikatsu Bento," which contains a juicy menchikatsu and fried food. Kushikatsu Dengana's specialty "Kushikatsu" and "Doteyaki" are also available for To go. A total of 38 types of skewers, including limited editions, are available for customers to enjoy their favorite flavors.

The lineup of bento boxes is as follows (all prices are tax-excluded).

Skewered Pork Cutlet Bento

5 kinds of skewers (beef, chicken, wiener, eggplant, onion), 2 pieces of fried chicken, potato salad, bamboo shoots, rice: 830 yen

Karaage Bento

5 pieces of fried chicken, 2 pieces of corn kakiage, potato salad, pickled bamboo shoots, rice: 780 yen

Menchikatsu Bento

1 menchikatsu, 2 fried tofu, potato salad, pickled bamboo shoots, rice: 780 yen

Half-Price To go Kushikatsu CampaignLimited time only until


6, 2012, "Half-Price To go Kushikatsu Campaign" is being offered. Eligible items are all kushikatsu. Of the 53 stores that sell To go, 49 stores are eligible for the campaign, excluding the Komagome, Asakusa, Hiratsuka, and Kamiooka stores.