"Chicken box" for To go for freshness
Introducing a crispy chiki box for freshness

A new "Chicken Box" will be on sale at Freshness Burger. Due to the popularity of To go, it is perfect for takeaway. You can choose between "plain" and "hot", both of which are more affordable than usual.

"Plain" is thick and voluminous chicken thighs that are crispy fried in the store with a special freshness batter that uses eight kinds of spices.

"Hot" is a crispy, freshly fried hot crispy chicken with chili peppers. The scent of spices and the umami of juicy chicken thighs are combined with the spiciness of the back.

A box of 3 fried chicken and 2 potatoes costs 1,100 yen (tax included, same below), which is 210 yen less than usual. Fried chicken x 6 and potato L x 2 will save you 420 yen for 1,900 yen.

"Chicken box" for To go for freshness

If you are planning or conducting a demonstration experiment at some stores, the product content and price may differ. In addition, in order to deal with the new coronavirus infection, some stores are closed, business hours are changed, and some products are suspended, so we are instructed to contact the store directly for details.