Jaga Pokkuru Okhotsk salty

"Jaga Pokkuru Okhotsk Salt", which is limited to Hokkaido, is on sale for a limited time at Calbee's official online shop "Grano Life". It will end as soon as it is sold out (scheduled around mid-May). The price is 885 yen (tax included) with 10 bags per box.

"Jaga Pokkuru" is a representative product of "Potato Farm", a souvenir brand from Hokkaido that is particular about materials and manufacturing methods. We use 100% Hokkaido potatoes and carefully select the ones that are the right size for "Jaga Pokkuru". The whole is cut with the skin to leave the umami ingredients. It features a crispy texture created by Potato Farm's original manufacturing method and the original taste of potatoes.

The salt of "Jaga Pokkuru Okhotsk Salt" uses salt made from the brackish waters of Lake Saroma in order to bring out the unique flavor of Hokkaido. The pumped seawater is slowly simmered in a kettle to make mild salt.

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, travel to Hokkaido and product exhibitions will be canceled, and we want many people to enjoy the "taste of Hokkaido", so it will be sold exclusively online. became.