Hamazushi "Ouchi de Ma Sushi Set"
Home sushi set

At each 100-yen sushi chain, Hamazushi, the "Ouchi de Ma Sushi Set", where you can enjoy handmade sushi at home, will be on sale for a limited time from April 26th.

"Ouchi de Ma Sushi Set" is a set of 11 kinds of popular and luxurious Hamazushi sushi and 30 pieces of sushi rice. You can pickle tuna in soy sauce or mentsuyu to make "pickled tuna", combine shrimp and avocado to enjoy as "shrimp avocado", or combine it with your favorite ingredients and seasonings at home to arrange it into original sushi. I can do it.

Hamazushi "Ouchi de Ma Sushi Set"

The price is 2,280 yen (excluding tax) for 2 to 3 servings. The 11 kinds of eels are tuna, salmon, true squid, live eel, eel, red shrimp, scallop, negitoro, salmon roe, shrimp, and egg.

Telephone is convenient for take-out orders. Please check the phone number of each store on the official Hamazushi website before pre-ordering. Please note that some stores are closed.