Delivery of "Fuji Soba"
Fuji Soba Meat Fuji Yakatsudon is now available for delivery!

The delivery service "Demae-can" has started the delivery of "Fuji Soba". First of all, 22 stores in Tokyo, Kanagawa and Chiba prefectures are targeted. It is expected to expand gradually.

"Fuji Soba" is popular for its freshly boiled raw soba, which is rare for standing-eating soba, and katsudon, which uses a single piece of meat. As of April, we have 134 stores mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Delivery of "Fuji Soba"
Use the service of the delivery officer

This time, the delivery service, which is the first attempt for Fuji Soba, has started. The delivery menu includes classics such as kake soba and katsudon, as well as hearty "meat Fuji" and "curry cutlet bowl".

For example, "Kake soba" has a selling price of 500 yen (tax included, the same applies below). This is a classic menu where you can enjoy freshly-made soup stock with a special maple made from Shodoshima soy sauce.

Delivery of "Fuji Soba"
Various menus!

"Meat Fuji" is 800 yen. This is a signboard menu with soft sliced pork, hot spring eggs, seaweed, wakame seaweed, and green onions as toppings.

"Katsudon" is 750 yen. A bowl menu that goes well with a crispy and juicy piece of meat, a special sauce and a fluffy egg.

And "curry cutlet bowl" is 900 yen. The spicy curry is combined with the special sauce and the cutlet that is bound with the egg, making it a dish that is a bit different from the cutlet curry.

Delivery of "Fuji Soba"
It is Demae-can that will deliver

When an order is placed in Demae-can, the Fuji Soba store will finish the food by the designated time, and the delivery will be done by the motorcycle, electrically assisted bicycle, and delivery staff owned by the "share deli base" in Demae-can.