"Cheese in Chicken" at Ministop
With Kiri cream cheese!

At MINISTOP, chicken nuggets "Cheese in Chicken" using "Kiri Cream Cheese" will be on sale from April 17th. From the 24th, it will be available at stores nationwide.

The selling price of cheese in chicken is 259 yen (tax included). This is the price at the reduced tax rate that will be applied when you take it home. Contains 5 pieces per box. The total calories are 264 kcal.

Kiri, which is often seen in dairy products such as supermarkets, is a cheese brand that uses French milk. This time, a chicken nugget made only of chicken breast contains cheese sauce using this Kiri cream cheese. This dish features a refreshing and refreshing taste of Kiri cream cheese.

"Cheese in Chicken" at Ministop
Contains 5

Like many of Ministop's hot snacks, you can enjoy the "freshly fried" hot state. Chicken nuggets made at domestic factories are delivered to the store once, and after receiving an order, final processing is performed in the kitchen installed in the store.