Sweet and refreshing "lemon almond tofu"
This is a recipe for "lemon almond tofu", which is a dessert with a pleasant mouthfeel and arranged with lemon juice.
Material ( For 2 people )
Powdered gelatin 3g (0.11oz)
milk 200ml (6.76us fl oz)
Almond powder 10g (0.35oz)
sugar 30g (1.06oz)
Wolfberry Appropriate amount
Almond essence A few drops
lemon juice 2 tablespoons
sugar 15g (0.53oz)
water 50ml (1.69us fl oz)
Lemon almond tofu and lemon

"Annin tofu" is a dessert with a pleasant mouthfeel. I will introduce the recipe of "Lemon almond tofu" which arranged this with lemon juice.

◆ Materials (for 2 pieces)

Powdered gelatin 3g (0.11oz)
Milk 200ml (6.76us fl oz)
Almond powder 10g (0.35oz)
Sugar 30g (1.06oz)
A few drops of wolfberry fruit almond essence

[Lemon syrup]
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
Sugar 15g (0.53oz)
50 ml of water

◆ How to make

1. Soak gelatin in water (not included in the amount).

2. Put milk, almond powder, sugar and almond essence, if any, in a pan, heat and mix slowly.

Milk and sugar in a pot

3. When it boils, turn off the heat, add the melted gelatin and mix again.

4. When the heat is removed, pour it into a bowl and cool it in the refrigerator. * Rubbing before pouring into a bowl gives a smoother mouthfeel.

Two almond tofu

5. Put sugar and water in a heat-resistant container, mix, and heat in a microwave oven (600W) for about 30-40 seconds. * Heating time needs to be adjusted depending on the range

6. Add lemon juice to (5) and mix.

Lemon syrup

7. When the almond tofu has hardened, sprinkle with lemon syrup and top with goji berries to complete.

Lemon syrup almond tofu

◆ What is the taste?

An exquisite combination of moist sweet almond tofu and sour lemon. After the aroma of almonds, a refreshing scent flutters through your nose. The refreshing aftertaste makes it ideal for desserts after meals. You can enjoy it with another stomach even after eating full.

Lemon syrup almond tofu

"Lemon almond tofu" goes well with spicy dishes such as mapo tofu and greasy dishes. By all means when you want a refreshing dessert!