Tropical fruit "Handmade confiture (Amaou 200g x 3)"
Amaou Strawberry Confiture!

Shops selling gourmet food and sweets in Fukuoka Prefecture are in excess of inventory due to the cancellation of the event. As a countermeasure, the Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce promotes mail order. "Handmade confiture (Amaou 200g (7.05oz) x 3)" is also sold online from a long-established local fruit store, Tropical Fruits.

In addition to operating a fruit department at Iwataya, a department store in Fukuoka Prefecture, tropical fruits also operate fruit parlors, juice bars, etc., and also hold product exhibitions at department stores in other regions such as Sogo, Tobu Department Store, Keikyu Department Store, and Takashimaya. We are exhibiting sweets using fruits from Fukuoka.

This time, the "Handmade Confiture (Amaou 200g (7.05oz) x 3)" that was planned to be used at the product exhibitions that were canceled in various places will be sold online at a price of 3,980 yen (tax included, free shipping). Fukuoka limited production strawberry "Amaou" is a luxuriously used jam, and I would like to deliver it to many people, including those who always visit the tropical fruit corner at the product exhibition.

In addition to tropical sweets, there are many stores with excess inventory, and the Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry introduces them on the special site "Buy and Support! Food Loss SOS". Due to the cancellation of events and the decrease in tourists, companies that handle foods that do not last long need urgent action. We provide SOS information on a variety of foods, from Fukuoka's original chocolates to spicy cod roe, so that you can buy them online.