Sankuzeru Spring Limited Jam "Amaou" "Peach Strawberry" "Apricot Earl Gray"

Sankuzeru released three types of spring limited jams "Amaou", "Peach Strawberry" and "Apricot Earl Gray" on February 16th. The price is 518 yen each (tax included). Handling at stores and online shops nationwide.

"Amaou" is a strawberry jam that is popular every year for its rich taste. Using plenty of "Amaou" from Fukuoka prefecture, it is finished with a natural sweetness so that you can enjoy the rich fruitiness and the sweetness of spring. Recommended not only for spreading on bread, but also for yogurt and panna cotta toppings.

Sankuzeru Spring Limited Jam "Amaou"

"Peach Strawberry", which has a cute pink hue, is a jam that looks and tastes perfect for spring by combining "peach" and "strawberry". Of course, no coloring is used. It has a perfect balance of gentle sweetness and slight acidity, and has a smoother mouthfeel than regular jam.

Sankuzeru Spring Limited Jam "Peach Strawberry"

The rare black tea jam "Apricot Earl Gray" is a dish that spreads the sweet and sour taste of apricot and the rich aroma of Earl Gray in your mouth. It is the flavor of the developer's favorite among the spring limited jams that will appear this time. It is delicious even if it is combined with pancakes and scones, or dissolved in black tea like Russian tea.

Sankuzeru Spring Limited Jam "Apricot Earl Gray"