Hamazushi "Luxury Neta's Special Bowl"
5 kinds of special seafood bowl

At each 100-yen sushi chain, Hamazushi, a new menu has appeared in the "take-out bowl". "Luxury Nene no Tokujo Donburi" was released on April 10th.

From March 20th, Hamazushi sells four types of "One Coin Donburi" (500 yen, tax included, same below) that you can take home and enjoy at home. Introducing this time is a "upper-grade" well-made bowl that is a little more luxurious than the one-coin bowl.

"Five kinds of special seafood bowl" (780 yen) is a colorful seafood bowl with popular tuna, salmon, red sea bream, red shrimp, and salmon roe on top of rice (vinegared rice). At the same time, there is also the "Special Scallop Salmon Roe Bowl" (780 yen), which is filled with sweet scallops and petit petit salmon roe, and the "Special Salmon Roe Bowl" (980 yen), which is full of salmon roe. Will be sold.

Hamazushi "Luxury Neta's Special Bowl"
Special scallop salmon roe bowl

Hamazushi "Luxury Neta's Special Bowl"
Special salmon roe bowl

If you want to purchase it, make a reservation in advance by calling each store so that you can pick it up at the store smoothly. For inquiries about each store, please check the official website of Hamazushi.