Kentucky the garlic chicken

A new product "The Garlic Chicken (Boneless)" will be released at each Kentucky Fried Chicken store (excluding some stores). Limited quantity from April 8th, will end as soon as it runs out.

The Garlic Chicken (Boneless) is a new chicken with a savory garlic scent and flavored vegetables. Domestic chicken breast is battered at the store, fried to a crunchy texture, and sprinkled with garlic and black pepper sprinkles. The combination of the crunchy texture and the punchy combination of "garlic and pepper" is sure to make you sick.

The price is 270 yen (tax included) per piece. After April 22nd, if you purchase it together with the set box pack, the price will be discounted to 250 yen per piece.

The set, box, and pack developments are as follows. All prices include tax.

Garlic chicken set 690 yen The garlic chicken (boneless), kernel crispy, potato S, drink M

Garlic chicken fillet sandwich box 920 yen The garlic chicken (boneless), chicken fillet sandwich, potato S, mini apple pie, drink M
* "Chicken fillet sandwich" can be changed to "Japanese-style chicken cutlet sandwich"

4-piece eating comparison pack 1,180 yen The garlic chicken (boneless) 2 pieces, original chicken 2 pieces, potato S

6-piece eating comparison pack 1,680 yen The garlic chicken (boneless) 3 pieces, original chicken 3 pieces, potato S 2 pieces