Lawson's "CUPKE Fragrant Pie Millefeuille"

Lawson's "CUPKE ", which is a classic cake in a cup, has a new spring work. Three products will be released on April 7 (excluding Okinawa Prefecture).

The new products that will be released this time are three products including CUPKE's first "Mille-feuille". There are 5 types of lineup including 2 items currently on sale (melting cream strawberry short and kuchidoke tiramisu), and you can choose according to the mood of the day. The sticker on the product name is a limited-time design with a tulip motif, which is typical of spring.

・ CUPKE Millefeuille with a fragrant pie
A sweet with a savory and crispy texture, custard cream, and strawberry sauce. The sweet and sour strawberry sauce is an accent. Millefeuille, which easily crumbles, is also included in the cup, so the point is that it is easy to eat. The price is 330 yen (tax included, same below).

Lawson's "CUPKE Fragrant Pie Millefeuille"

・ CUPKE Chocolate of discerning cacao
Chocolate cake using dark chocolate of Ecuadorian cacao mass roasted with low roast. The gorgeous and fruity scent is perfect for hot weather. The price is 295 yen.

Lawson's "CUPKE Cacao Chocolat"

・ CUPKE Nostalgic Mont Blanc
A nostalgic Mont Blanc with a modest sweetness using the royal road yellow chestnut. Contains custard, whipped cream and Mont Blanc cream using yellow chestnut paste. The price is 295 yen.

Lawson's "CUPKE Nostalgic Montblanc"