Komeda Coffee's seasonal "Shiro Noir Juicy Pine"

Seasonal "Shiro Noir Juicy Pine" will be released on April 8th at Komeda coffee shops nationwide (excluding some shops). Scheduled to be sold until the end of May.

"Shiro Noir Juicy Pine" is a tropical Shiro Noir of pineapple and coconut with a pleasant texture of flesh. The pineapple cream sandwiched between other Danish pastries is characterized by the refreshing aroma of pineapple juice and the juicy texture of pineapple dice. The richness of cream cheese is a secret ingredient.

The fruity sweetness is complemented by the pineapple sauce with flesh and the fluffy coconut powder. If you eat it with cold soft serve ice cream, the tropical taste will fill your mouth.

Komeda Coffee's seasonal "Shiro Noir Juicy Pine"

The lineup includes a regular size that you can share and enjoy, and a mini size that is perfect for one person or dessert. The price including tax is 750 yen to 770 yen for the regular size and 550 yen to 570 yen for the mini size (the price varies depending on the store).

"Shiro Noir Juicy Pine" is perfect for early summer when the temperature rises with a refreshing taste. Why don't you enjoy the deliciousness of the season at Komeda Coffee Shop?