Collaboration between Hamazushi and "Sumikko Gurashi"
Sumikko and others are in the form of sushi!

The 100-yen sushi chain "Hamazushi" will hold a collaboration campaign with the popular character "Sumikko Gurashi" from April 2nd. The cute "Sumikko" will appear in the form of sushi on the desktop and touch panel inside the store. You can also win original goods.

A little negative but unique, such as the sushi "polar bear", the unconfident "penguins?", The leftover (?!) "Tonkatsu", the shy "cat", and the "lizard" that hides its true identity. Each character will be sushi.

During the campaign period, if you order one drink L size (420 ml) specified by Hamazushi in the store, you will receive one original can badge. However, you don't need to drink a lot because you can only have 3 bottles per person in one transaction.

There are a total of 18 types of badges. Three of them are secrets. Rather than putting everything together from the beginning, it will be divided into the first half, middle stage, and second half of the campaign, and 6 types will appear as the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd bullets. The specific period is as follows.

1st: April 2nd to April 15th 2nd: April 16th to April 29th 3rd: April 30th to May 10th

Collaboration between Hamazushi and "Sumikko Gurashi"
1st: April 2nd-April 15th

Collaboration between Hamazushi and "Sumikko Gurashi"
2nd: April 16th-April 29th

Collaboration between Hamazushi and "Sumikko Gurashi"
3rd: April 30th-May 10th

The drinks targeted for the campaign are "Coca-Cola", "Fanta Melon", "Calpis", "Calpis Soda", and "Calpis & Fanta Melon". Both are priced at 330 yen (excluding tax). Distribution will end as soon as the badge runs out.

Separately, if you enter the information of the receipt for orders of 1,500 yen (tax included) or more on the website, 50 people will win the original can badge complete set and the original mug by lottery. If there is a discount on a complimentary ticket or coupon, the total amount before the discount will be applied. Receipts cannot be added up. You can use it for both in-store and take-out receipts.

Collaboration between Hamazushi and "Sumikko Gurashi"
Original can badge complete set

Collaboration between Hamazushi and "Sumikko Gurashi"
Original mug

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