Imuraya "Yawamochi Ice Warabimochi-Yuzu and Refreshing Vanilla-"
Warabimochi Ice Cream Warabimochi ~ Yuzu and Refreshing Vanilla ~

The new ice cream "Yawamochi Ice Warabimochi-Yuzu and Refreshing Vanilla-" will be on sale from Imuraya on April 6th. A dish with a citrus scent that is perfect for the warm season.

The suggested retail price is 140 yen (excluding tax) and the content is 140 ml. It will be available until the end of September. Speaking of "Yawamochi ice cream", Imuraya's classic series, but this time, Yuzu flavor will be introduced as a seasonal flavor.

Imuraya "Yawamochi Ice Warabimochi-Yuzu and Refreshing Vanilla-"
Warabimochi, honey, and ice cream all come with yuzu!

Yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit with a refreshing aroma and acidity, goes well with Japanese sweets. You can enjoy the harmony with ice cream and warabimochi.

Genuine warabi powder is used for warabimochi, giving it a smooth texture. It has a soft mouthfeel even under freezing. It is flavored with yuzu oil squeezed from domestic yuzu.

Domestic yuzu juice and yuzu peel are used for honey, and you can enjoy the original acidity of citrus fruits. Yuzu oil, lemon juice, fermented milk, and fresh cream are added to vanilla ice cream to create a rich yet refreshing taste that is suitable for the warm season.