"Yawamochi Ice Fruits Melon & Vanilla" from Imuraya

Imuraya "Yawamochi Ice Fruits Melon & Vanilla" will be released on May 6th at convenience stores (excluding some stores). It will be released on June 10th except at convenience stores. For a limited time. The estimated price is 210 yen (excluding tax).

This is ice cream with melon used luxuriously. It has a rich taste using 22% melon puree in the sauce, and is topped with melon pulp.

"Yawamochi Ice Fruits Melon & Vanilla" from Imuraya

The ice cream is made from Hokkaido dairy ingredients, and you can enjoy the original flavor of milk. In addition, to make it more compatible with melon, it has a refreshing and refreshing taste.

The mochi is soft even under freezing, and white wine is added to the flavor to give it a gorgeous adult taste. Alcohol content is less than 0.1%.