"Fujiya Milky Monaka" from Akagi Nyugyo

Akagi Nyugyo will release a new ice cream "Fujiya Milky Monaka" jointly developed with Fujiya on March 30th. The price is 140 yen (excluding tax).

"Fujiya Milky Monaka" is a monaka ice cream developed with the image of Fujiya "Milky". Milky-flavored goodwill is included in all parts of Monaca Ice Sauce. It is designed so that you can fully enjoy the milky flavor. The calorie is 158 kcal.

Furthermore, by baking Monaka whitish, it is closer to the image of milky. A dish where you can enjoy the milky flavor no matter where you eat.

"Fujiya Milky Monaka" from Akagi Nyugyo

There are 3 patterns of Peko-chan pattern design. You can enjoy Peko-chan with a smiling piece and cute Peko-chan with both hands open.

The new ice monaka "Fujiya Milky Monaka" is perfect for the coming season when the number of warm days is gradually increasing. Why don't you heal yourself with the cute Peko-chan printed package and the sweet milky richness?