Eggs'n Things Harajuku Store "Harajuku Chocolate Mint Pancake"

At the Eggs'n Things Harajuku store, the store-limited menu "Harajuku Chocolate Mint Pancake" has been renewed. It will be on sale from April 1st with even more exhilaration. The price is 1,480 yen (excluding tax).

A chocolate mint pancake limited to the Harajuku store, which has been on sale since August of last year (2019) and has been well received. New from this April is a product that has been finished with a more mint feeling than ever before.

A refreshing mint-flavored pancake with plenty of chocolate sauce and smooth mint cream. You can enjoy it with crispy cookies topped with chocolate mint ice cream. It has a refreshing taste with the scent of mint passing through your nose. The bright blue appearance is also refreshing.