512CAFE "The Chocolate Mint 2022"

512CAFE will offer "The Choco Mint 2022" as a new fluffy pancake product. The Osaka Shinsaibashi branch will begin offering the product on June 23.

The Choco Mint 2022

Perfect for the hot season, the refreshing chocolate mint pancakes are the most popular item of the year at 512CAFE. This year's pancakes are the classic chocolate mint pancakes of the royal road. The best chocolate mint pancakes ever, created in the pursuit of truly delicious chocolate and truly delicious mint.

The pancake batter this time has a great minty flavor, and the batter alone is cool and refreshing. In between the batter is a chocolate custard cream made from freshly fed, yamabuki eggs. The rich custard cream is mixed with chocolate chips and cocoa cookies to add a zesty texture. The finishing touch is mint chocolate topped with chocolate mint ice cream and decorated with homemade mini chocolates. Finally, you can enjoy the innovative marriage of chocolate mint and salted chocolate whip placed on the plate for a change of flavor.