Eggs 'n Things "Tropical Pineapple Pancakes", "Kalua Pork Bowl", "Virgin Pina Colada".

Eggs 'n Things Hawaiian Menu

Eggs 'n Things and Eggs 'n Things Coffee will be offering Hawaiian menu items perfect for early summer, "Tropical Pineapple Pancakes" and "Kalua Pork Bowl will be on sale at Eggs 'n Things Coffee stores from April 18 (Tuesday) through May 22 (Monday). Seasonal drink "Virgin Pina Colada" is also available.

Tropical Pineapple

Pancakes: Pancakes themed on the tropical drink "pina colada" with the aroma of coconut and sweet and sour pineapple cream. The pancakes are made with coconut, which is unique to Hawaii, and topped with refreshing pineapple cream and coconut ice cream. The pancakes can be enjoyed with different flavors of mango sauce.

Eggs 'n Things "Tropical Pineapple Pancakes

Priced at 1,848 yen (tax included, same below). To go price 1,296 yen.

Kalua Pork Bowl

Made with "kalua pork" (steamed pork), a Hawaiian staple. This mouth-watering dish can be enjoyed rice bowl style with cabbage and BBQ sauce. Priced at 1,540 yen; To go price 1,512 yen.

Eggs 'n Things "Kalua Pork Bowl"

Virgin Pina Colada

Non-alcoholic tropical drink. Original coconut syrup and pineapple juice are combined to create a frozen style drink. Price: 880 yen; To go price: 864 yen.

Eggs 'n Things "Virgin Pina Colada"

Prices and serving methods may differ at some stores.
Ingredients are subject to change depending on availability.