Eggs 'n Things "Sakura Pancakes", "An Butter Crepe", "Sakura Lemonade", "Sakura Milk".

Eggs 'n Things


Sakura Pancake" and "An Butter Crepe" will be available at Eggs 'n Things and Eggs 'n Things Coffee stores from March 23 to April 17. crepe" will be available at Eggs'n Things and Eggs'n Things Coffee stores from Thursday, March 23 to Monday, April 17. Seasonal drinks "Sakura Lemonade" and "Sakura Milk" are also available.

Cherry Blossom P

ancakes These spring pancakes are perfect for the cherry blossom viewing season, with the batter covered with a sweet mascarpone cream and topped with a generous amount of cherry blossom chocolate. The cherry whipped cream and cherry syrup give the pancake an even more spring-like flavor. The pancake is served with sanshoku dango (three-color dumplings) topped with sakura an (bean paste).

Eggs 'n Things "Sakura Pancakes

The price is 1,848 yen (tax included). The price for To go is 1,296 yen.

Eggs 'n Things "Sakura Pancakes

An Butter


A seasonal menu item from the popular crepe with a sticky texture is now available. The "An Butter Crepe" is a crepe baked with butter and smooth sweet bean paste. The cherry blossom-scented chocolate is sure to make you feel the arrival of spring.

Eggs 'n Things "An Butter Crepe"

The price is 1,540 yen, and the To go price is 1,404 yen.

Eggs 'n Things "An Butter Crepe"


Blossom Lemonade

: Refreshing lemonade with cherry blossom jelly floating on top like petals. Price: 715 yen; To go price: 702 yen.

Eggs 'n Things "Cherry Blossom Lemonade

Sakura Milk

: Slightly sweet hot milk with a hint of cherry blossoms. Price: 715 yen, To go price: 702 yen.

Eggs 'n Things "Sakura Milk

Ingredients are subject to change depending on availability.