Royce's "Petit Bear Chocolat" is now available for mail order

Through mail-order sales of Lloyds, the popular "Petit Bear Chocolat" at directly managed stores is now on sale throughout the year. "Petit Bear Chocolat [Caramel Banana 10 Pieces]" and "Petit Bear Chocolat [Pistachio 10 Pieces]" join the ranks.

・ Petit Bear Chocolat [10 pieces of caramel banana]
A sweet scented banana-flavored cream trapped in chocolate that spreads the deliciousness of adorable bear-shaped caramel. The unique tropical scent of banana and caramel is a perfect combination. The price is 700 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Lloyds "Petit Bear Chocolat [10 Caramel Bananas]"

・ Petit Bear Chocolat [Pistachio 10 pieces]
A lovely bear-shaped milk chocolate with a rich pistachio flavor and rich cream. Raspberry flavor on the bear's mouth and feet. Accented with a slightly sweet and sour scent. The price is 700 yen.

Lloyds "Cute bear-shaped chocolate with pistachio cream"

These products are also available at directly managed stores. The stores are as follows.

Higashi Naeho store ・ Sapporo Marui Imai store ・ Sapporo Daimaru store ・ Fukuzumi store ・ Atsubetsunishi store ・ Ainosato Park store ・ Tonden Park store ・ Nishimiya no Sawa store ・ Futobi factory direct sales store ・ Kamiebetsu store ・ New Chitose Airport store ・ Lloyd's Chocolate World