Lloyds "Raw Chocolate [Pistachio]".

Raw chocolate [pistachio], raw chocolate [gianduja], raw chocolate [yakimo], and raw chocolate [chestnut] will be available at Lloyds mail order and Lloyds directly-managed stores for a limited time and in limited quantities from September 1.

Nama Chocolate [Pistachio]

High quality roasted pistachios from Sicily, Italy, are made into a paste at the Lloyds factory and combined with white chocolate. The chocolate is selected to have a clean taste so that the pistachio flavor can be felt straight away, and pistachio-flavored chocolate powder is added as a finishing touch. The rich aroma and deep richness of pistachio spreads through the smooth texture of the chocolate. The product contains 20 pieces and is priced at 1,296 yen (tax included). The color of the product may vary depending on the harvest season and individual pistachios.

Lloyds "Raw Chocolate [Pistachio]".

Raw chocolate [gianduja]

Raw chocolate [gianduja], a savory chocolate kneaded with hazelnut and almond paste. Walnut and hazelnut liqueur is added for flavor. The savory nuts and fresh cream melt together mellowly. Contents: 20 pieces, priced at 778 yen.

Lloyds "Fresh Chocolate [Gianduja]".

Nama Chocolate [Yaki-imo]

This raw chocolate is inspired by the rich sweetness of Anno sweet potato yaki-imo (roasted sweet potato). White chocolate blended with baked Anno sweet potato powder is combined with Anno sweet potato paste and flavored with softly fragrant sweet potato shochu and savory baked sweet potato shochu. You can enjoy the fragrance and rich sweetness. The product contains 20 pieces and is priced at 821 yen.

Lloyds "Raw Chocolate [Yaki-imo]".

Raw Chocolate [Chestnut]

The unique taste of chestnuts, with its mild and rich flavor, becomes even more refined and delicious when combined with milk chocolate. The secret ingredients are sweet-scented rum and brandy, two types of alcohol that enhance the taste of chestnuts and create a rich, lingering flavor. The product contains 20 pieces and is priced at 778 yen.

Lloyds "Fresh Chocolate [Chestnut]".

Orders for the Lloyds mail order service are accepted from September 1 to October 27 (delivery requested from September 4 to October 31). Lloyd's directly-managed stores will begin selling the product on September 1. Sales will end when all products are gone.