Yoshinoya "Beef Pot Grilled Set"
Grilled beef in a pot!

I ate the spring limited menu "Beef Nabeyaki Gozen" at Yoshinoya. Just like beef bowl, beef and onions are combined and baked in a pot, and the rice is fresh.

Yoshinoya "Beef Pot Grilled Set"
I made a "set" that comes with various things

The selling price is 598 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below) for the "beef pot-grilled set meal" that includes rice and miso soup, and the "beef" that includes rice, miso soup, pickles, and eggs or mini salad. "Nabeyaki Gozen" is 648 yen. This time, I chose "Gozen" and had them attach eggs.

Yoshinoya "Beef Pot Grilled Set"
Yoshinoya's "Short Plate" beef is included in a large serving of beef bowl

The "short plate" beef and onions used in the Yoshinoya are boiled and then baked in an iron pan with a special ginger sauce.

The amount of beef is the same as that of "Gyudon Daisheng", and the onions are twice as much as the onions of "Negidaku Gyudon". Ginger, garlic, and apple are mixed in the sauce, and the Yoshinoya beef bowl sauce is added to give a hint of white wine.

Yoshinoya "Beef Pot Grilled Set"
Eggs that come with the set are also added!

Another feature is that the taste of beef and onions changes as the heat goes through. This time, I baked it carefully to make it soft. Finally, add the egg and then add the chopsticks. The white-haired green onions, which are also colorful, remain crispy even after the onions are cooked well, and you can enjoy the difference in texture and the combination of spiciness and sweetness.

The short plate is generous and has a sweet and spicy flavor with a strong beef scent. It feels like you are enjoying the taste of the usual Yoshinoya beef bowl ingredients while tasting them more carefully.

Yoshinoya "Beef Pot Grilled Set"
For those who want to enjoy beef carefully

The eggs that can be attached to the set come out with the shells broken, so you can enjoy it by putting it in a pot and cooking it while entwining it with meat and green onions. The sauce is juicy, so it's a sukiyaki or Yanagawa nabe-like mouthfeel. If the rice is left at the end after eating all the ingredients, it is also recommended to open it in a pot and make it a porridge. In addition, refills of rice are free, so if you can afford it, try it.