KALDI "Stationery Set" Limited quantity
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KALDI Coffee Farm will release a limited number of "stationery sets" on March 5th. It will end as soon as it runs out. The price is 1,100 yen (tax included).

A stationery set designed with the original characters "Goat Bee" and "Momo Mee". The contents of the set are as follows.

・ 5 envelopes (length 10.8 cm x width 15 cm)
・ 10 stationery (length 21 cm x width 14.5 cm)
・ One ballpoint pen A two-color ballpoint pen, black and red.
・ One Thank you stamp (stamp size: 2.8 cm in length x 2.8 cm in width)

KALDI "Stationery Set" Limited quantity

・ 1 loose-leaf binder A5 size loose-leaf is bound ・ 1 pen case Slim pen case with a book band that can be attached to a notebook or notebook (length 4 cm x width 18 cm)

KALDI "Stationery Set" Limited quantity

・ 20 loose-leaf sheets (A5 size)
・ 5 pocket bags (length 11.5 cm x width 6.5 cm)
・ 1 tea bag Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka. A harmonious taste with a gorgeous scent and mild astringency ・ 1 sticker (4 patterns 3 cm long x 10 cm wide)

KALDI "Stationery Set" Limited quantity

* There may be a limit on the number of items in the online shop.