Starbucks "Asia Collection Goods"

The "Asia Collection Goods" will be available at the Starbucks online store from May 11.

Asia Collection Goods

The theme is "COLOR BLOCK PARTY. The collection is a fun and energetic collection bursting with playful icons and neon colors perfect for summer. The lineup is as follows

Stainless steel bottle in neon pink 473ml (15.99us fl oz)

The Starbucks Edition of CORKCICLE, a brand born in Florida, U.S.A. under the theme "BYE, BYE PLASTIC BOTTLES," is now available in a unique new stainless steel bottle shape. The soft-touch body is dazzling in a neon pink gradient. Embossed siren on the front and CORKCICLE and STARBUCKS logos on the back. The lid is a screw cap type. The price is 5,500 yen (tax included, same as below).

Color Changing Cup Set Neon Colors

Starbucks "Asia Collection Goods"

When you fill it with an iced drink with ice, it changes color and you can enjoy a different atmosphere. Includes four cups of different colors and a bag to store and carry them. The price is 2,900 yen.

Stainless Steel Tumbler Neon Blue 473ml (15.99us fl oz)

This stainless steel tumbler depicts summery beach parasol, soda, and soft serve ice cream motifs along with the STARBUCKS logo. Price: 4,100 yen.

Handle Lid Stainless Bottle Neon Orange 591ml (19.98us fl oz)

MiiR, a brand that implements Product to Project for "clean water," "healthy earth," and "just people and community," has launched its Starbucks Edition, this time with a large 591ml (19.98us fl oz) stainless steel bottle in a summery color. The soft touch neon orange body is accented with rainbows. Priced at 4,900 yen.

Logo Cold Cup Tumbler Bumpy Orange 710ml (24.01us fl oz)

Bumpy means bumpy, and this tumbler has a distinctive surface. This product is fun to touch and will further enliven the summer drink scene. Exclusively for cold drinks. Price: 2,800 yen.

Reusable Straw & Silicone Case Neon Green

Reusable Straw & Silicone Case Neon Blue

Silicone straws in an easy-to-carry case. The wide straw is easy to wash and can be used for Frappuccinos. These environmentally friendly items can be used repeatedly to reduce waste. Priced at 1,050 yen each.

Stationery Pouch Summer

This stationery pouch is the perfect size for holding stationery or small items. The summery raffia-like fabric (made of polyester) is accented with neon-colored pulls. Price: 2,000 yen.

Starbucks Card Gift Palm Tree

This card gift set includes a Starbucks card in summery vivid yellow with palm tree and pineapple motifs scattered throughout and a card case with an elastic band featuring the siren logo. 1,000 yen is already deposited; the price is 1,550 yen.