Fujiya pastry shop "Milky Cake Fair"

"Milky Cake Fair" will be held from March 4th at each Fujiya pastry shop. Introducing sweets that take advantage of the taste of "milky".

"Rice flour milky cream roll" is a roll dough that uses domestic rice flour, and is a roll cake that wraps milky cream using condensed milk and milky pudding with a rich taste. Each product contains about 10 billion lactic acid bacteria. The price is 390 yen (tax included, same below).

Fujiya pastry shop "rice flour milky cream roll"
Rice flour milky cream roll

"Chocolate and nuts crunchy milky cream roll" is a roll of chocolate flakes and nuts rolled with almond powder. A roll cake with a pleasant crunchy texture and a nutty aroma. The price is 390 yen.

Fujiya pastry shop "Chocolate and nuts crunchy milky cream roll"
Crispy milky cream roll of chocolate and nuts

In addition, "Milky Cream Roll", "Milky Cream Puff", "Peko-chan's Cheeks (Amaou Strawberry Milky)" and "Premium Milky Cream Chiffon" are on sale. Enjoy the gentle taste of milky unique to Fujiya.

* Prices (tax rates) differ for eat-in spaces and Fujiya restaurants.