Lotte "Cranky [Cheese & Cheese]"

Lotte's chocolate confectionery "Cranky" series will release a new product "Cranky [Cheese & Cheese]" on February 18th. The estimated price is around 110 yen (excluding tax). You can enjoy it as a snack or as a snack!

This is a chocolate confectionery finished with 2.6% cheese (Cheddar cheese 1.8%, Parmesan cheese 0.5%). The combination of mild cheddar cheese and "grilled Parmesan cheese", which has an aged richness and aroma added by baking, is said to be an addictive taste.

Of course, you can enjoy this product as it is, but when you bake it in a toaster, the flavor changes and you can enjoy a crispy texture. It is recommended to spread aluminum foil on the tray of the toaster, bake it at 800W for about 2 minutes, let it cool down sufficiently, and then eat it.