"KitKat Mini Support Message Pack" and "KitKat Mini Iyokan"

Examination student support products are now available from "KitKat". "KitKat Mini Support Message Pack", "KitKat Mini Iyokan" and "KitKat Mini Red and White Pack" will be released on December 2nd.

In September 2019, Nestlé began efforts to change the outer bag of "KitKat" large bag type products to paper packages in order to solve the problem of marine plastic waste. At the same time, we are proposing to make a traditional Japanese paper crane with a package to convey your thoughts to your loved ones.

In response to this effort, the "KitKat Mini Examination Student Support Message Pack", which will be newly released in a paper package, is a specification that allows you to make a "KitKat Amulet" by folding the outer bag. You can put an individually wrapped product with a message of support for the examinee inside, and you can give the feeling of supporting the examinee who is trying hard with the amulet bag. The price is 100 yen for 3 pieces and 500 yen for 14 pieces (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Amulet made with "KitKat Mini Support Message Pack"

KitKat Mini Support Message Pack

"KitKat Mini Iyokan", which uses Iyokan powder from Ehime Prefecture and has a "good feeling", and "KitKat Mini Red and White Pack", which contains two flavors in a red and white auspicious package, are also available to support students. Exactly. The price is 500 yen each.

"KitKat Mini Red and White Pack" "KitKat Mini Iyokan"