"3 kanmori festival" at Sushiro
The annual "3 kanmori festival"

At Sushiro, the annual event "Three Kanseki Festival" will be held. Even if you eat all the 15 target ingredients, you can enjoy it for a total of 950 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below). Limited time offer from November 20th.

"3 kanmori festival" at Sushiro
3 pieces of tuna

"3 pieces of tuna" is 300 yen. For the material, a large, greasy tuna weighing 250 kg or more is selected. It is a dish where you can enjoy "Otoro", which has sweet fat that fills your mouth, "Medium Toro", which has a good balance of fat and lean tuna, and "Red meat", which allows you to enjoy the original taste of tuna.

"3 kanmori festival" at Sushiro
Sea urchin salmon roe 3 pieces

"Sea urchin salmon roe 3 pieces" is also 300 yen. As the name suggests, Chilean sea urchin with rich umami, new salmon roe with rich flavor, and crab warships where you can enjoy crab meat and miso at the same time are gathered in one plate. I will.

"3 kanmori festival" at Sushiro
3 pieces of greens

"3 pieces of greens" is 100 yen. In one dish where you can enjoy 3 kinds of brilliant mackerel, "Sardine", which is made by squeezing deep-tasting domestic mackerel with Sushiro's original vinegar, "Iwashi", which is packed with the original umami of the ingredients, and "Nama-pacific saury", which is in season. It is served on a plate.

"3 kanmori festival" at Sushiro
3 squid

"3 kanmori festival" at Sushiro
Salmon 3 pieces

In addition, there are also "Squid 3 pieces" (100 yen), where you can enjoy squid in 3 types of standard, sauce, and roasted, and "Salmon 3 pieces" (150 yen), which is a collection of salmon ingredients that are popular among women. I will.

"Seafood pork bone tsukemen" at Sushiro
Seafood pork bone tsukemen

In addition to this, from November 20th, "Seafood Tonkotsu Tsukemen" using Sushiro's special soup that combines seafood and pork bones will be on sale for a limited time. The price is 360 yen. The pork bone soup is slowly cooked over time to extract the rich flavor of the pork bones and the appropriate amount of fat. Furthermore, by using bonito and dried fish meal, the soup has a rich yet refreshing aftertaste that allows you to feel the deliciousness of seafood. This time, "Tsukemen replacement ball" is also available for 100 yen.

"Winter feast set" at Sushiro
Winter feast set

We are also accepting reservations for the more luxurious take-out menu "Winter Feast Set". The price is 4,980 yen. For the usual take-out menu, such as "Kazunoko Ipponha", which is suitable for the year-end and New Year holidays, "Tokuneta Daitoro", which is full of umami and has a rich and greasy taste, and "Boiled Snow Crab", which has a mellow scent of crab. There are 9 types of material that are not available. The sale period will be from December 18, 2019 to January 5, 2020.