Lawson Limited "Fluffy Snow Bomb"

I tried Lawson's limited sweet "Fluffy Snow Bomb". A cake with whipped cream that melts in the mouth like light snow.

The price is 350 yen (tax included) and the calories are 324 yen. A dome-shaped fluffy sponge is filled with custard cream with vanilla seeds, whipped cream is served, and half-sized strawberries are placed on it.

Ah "fluffy snow bomb"
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The same sponge and cream as the Christmas cake "UC Fluffy Snow Bomb No. 5" is used, so to speak, a petit Christmas cake.

Lawson Limited "Fluffy Snow Bomb"
Petit Christmas cake

Whipped cream contains fresh cream. It's more solid than it looks, but it's still fragile and loses its shape if shaken too much. When you scoop it up with a spoon or fork and eat it, it melts on your tongue immediately with a milky feel.

Lawson Limited "Fluffy Snow Bomb"
There is custard inside. Vanilla seeds look black

The amount of custard packed inside is smaller than that of whipped cream, but the egg scent is strong and the filling has a distinctive vanilla flavor. If you eat some whipped cream and then taste only custard with a spoon, it will be easier to check the result.

Lawson Limited "Fluffy Snow Bomb"
Light snow melts in the mouth

The sponge has a fluffy mouthfeel and a moist texture, reminiscent of chiffon cake. It goes well with whipped cream and custard, and feels like it melts in your mouth with the cream.