7-ELEVEN "Tapioca Uji Matcha Latte Jelly"
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Introducing the newly arrived sweets and bread that will be on sale from November 12th at each 7-ELEVEN store. Here are 9 items in the lineup of interest. * Handling status varies depending on the region and store.

・ Kintoki potato dumplings 178 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below)
A cup dumpling with Kintoki potato bean paste on top of a chewy dumpling that has a natural sweetness.

7-ELEVEN "Naruto Kintoki Imo Dumpling"

・ Tapioca Uji Matcha Latte Jelly 260 yen
Cup sweets made into jelly by combining popular tapioca and matcha latte. Tapioca, dice-cut matcha jelly, and matcha mousse are layered and topped with matcha whipped cream.

7-ELEVEN "Tapioca Uji Matcha Latte Jelly"

・ Chewy crepe Strawberry sauce whipped custard 168 yen
A crepe that combines strawberry sauce with strawberry fruit, custard, and whipped cream. You can enjoy the chewy texture of the dough baked one by one.

7-ELEVEN "Crepe Strawberry Sauce Whip Custard"

・ Moist chocolate bread 128 yen
A moist and fluffy meal bread kneaded with chocolate. You can enjoy chocolate no matter where you eat it.

7-ELEVEN "Moist Chocolate Bread"

・ Mochi fluffy cheese 120 yen
Bread that combines mochi-mochi white bread dough and cheese. Parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese, and Gouda cheese are combined to create a rich flavor.

7-ELEVEN "Mochifuwa Cheese"

・ Soft and moist whipped roll 120 yen
Sweet bread with whipped cream using Hokkaido cream.

7-ELEVEN "Fluffy and Moist Whip Roll"

・ Fluffy in the microwave! Thick roasted egg & shrimp cutlet 348 yen
A delicious sandwich that is warmed in the microwave using bread with a "fluffy texture". You can enjoy two types of shrimp, the plump shrimp cutlet, which is finished only with the peeled shrimp without using a binder such as white fish, and the thick roasted egg.

7-ELEVEN "Fluffy rice cake in the microwave! Thick roasted egg & shrimp cutlet"

・ Shrimp & avocado (with cream cheese) 328 yen
Sandwich with shrimp, avocado and cream cheese on a semi-hard roll. Avocado tartar sauce with avocado, onions, pickles and boiled eggs, and cream cheese sauce with lemon juice are combined.

7-ELEVEN "Shrimp & Avocado (with cream cheese)"

・ Lasagna sauce of 3 kinds of burrito cheese 218 yen
A lasagna-style burrito that combines minced meat and onions with meat sauce to bring out the flavor, rich white sauce, and cheese. When warmed in the microwave, the cheese melts and entangles well with the ingredients.

7-ELEVEN "Burrito 3 Cheese Lasagna Sauce"