"Yukimi Daifuku Mochimochi Milk Tea" "Mou Royal Milk Tea" "Sou Vanilla Fragrant Tea Latte"

A rich milk tea that you will miss in the cold season. Recently, we have jumped out of the drink frame and have introduced various milk tea flavored sweets and breads.

The flow seems to be coming to ice cream. I tried and compared the three "milk tea ice creams" I found in the ice corner of the supermarket.

◆ Yukimi Daifuku

"Yukimi Daifuku Mochi Mochi Milk Tea" is a milk tea ice cream made from Uva black tea leaves wrapped in mochi. There is a "mochimochi sauce" inside. The estimated price is 180 yen (excluding tax).

Yukimi Daifuku Mochimochi Milk Tea

A mellow ice cream appears from the soft and stretchy mochi. Every time you eat, the gorgeous scent will come out to your nose. It is interesting that not only the mochi but also the sauce is chewy! "Tea x mochi" is a rare combination, but it goes well with it. It's a warm and delicious taste that is typical of Yukimi Daifuku.

Yukimi Daifuku Mochimochi Milk Tea

◆ Mou

"Mou Royal Milk Tea" is a milk tea flavored ice cream made from 100% Sri Lankan Uva tea leaves. Two types of tea leaves are used, which are characterized by their richness and flower-like scent. No emulsifiers or stabilizers are used to bring out the individuality of the material. The estimated price is 140 yen (excluding tax).

Mou Royal Milk Tea

Due to the unique "low temperature rapid freezing method", the mouthfeel is very smooth. The heat of the tongue melts and spreads the deep richness. The deliciousness of milk wrapping the flavor of condensed tea leaves is truly royal milk tea. It has an elegant taste reminiscent of elegant tea time.

Mou Royal Milk Tea

◆ Sou

"Sou vanilla scented tea latte" is a spiral combination of two types of ice cream with the image of tea latte. Uses Uva tea, one of the world's three most famous teas. The estimated price is 140 yen (excluding tax).

Refreshing vanilla scented tea latte

Unlike Mou and Yukimi Daifuku, which have smooth ice cream, Sou has a crispy mouthfeel with fine ice cream. The rich tea flavor is combined with the sweet scent of vanilla. There is richness, but the aftertaste is refreshing. Recommended when you miss the refreshing ice cream in the cold season when rich sweets increase.

Refreshing vanilla scented tea latte

◆ Summary

The impression of eating and comparing the three is "Mou", which is the richest, "Sou", which is refreshingly enjoyable, and "Yukimi Daifuku", which is fun to the texture. Each one has a different taste, so you can choose the one that suits your mood. It's good to have a warm milk tea, but this winter, why not enjoy it by warming the ice cream in a kotatsu.