Re-Ment "Petit Sample Series Always at a convenience store"
This is also familiar! (The image is quoted from the official website)

Re-Ment will release "Petit Sample Series Always Soba Convenience Store" on October 21st. The price is 700 yen per box (excluding tax). The contents are random.

This is a miniature figure of a convenience store product that fits in with your daily life. At convenience stores, you can find classic lunch boxes, hot snacks, desserts and magazines.

The lineup is "1, OL's rice situation", "2, I want to eat a lot at lunch", "3, I feel like pasta today", "4, Fun after school", "5, Is it okay to have a bag together?" , "6, don't drink at home for the second party!", "7, I wonder if it's all night today ...", "8, thank you very much". Comes with a figure and a mini seat.

Re-Ment "Petit Sample Series Always Soba Convenience Store"

The cash register drawer can be opened and closed. The ice bar is made so that you can see the stick, and the fried chicken toothpick can be removed. The 8 BOX comes with a diorama that can be displayed.

"Petit sample series always beside convenience stores" that makes you want to collect all kinds and make a convenience store at home. It looks fun to take a picture in combination with your own figure ♪

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