Re-Ment "Petit Sample Series Do You Have a Cup? Tavern Nonbee"
(The image is quoted from the official website)

Re-Ment will release a new "Petit Sample Series" "Petit Sample Series Izakaya Nonbee" on July 15th. The price is 650 yen per box (excluding tax).

This is a petite sample with the theme of "Izakaya". Realistic menus and items are finished in cute figures. The lever of the beer server can be moved, and the yakitori thigh can be removed from the skewer.

The lineup is "One, raw for the time being!", "Two, healthy-oriented", "Three, can I sprinkle lemon on fried chicken?", "Four, please change the clerk!", "Five, yakitori roses" "I'm gonna do it!", "Six, keep bottles and usual!", "Seven, it's a payday and it's luxurious ♪", "Eight, it was delicious! .. The contents are random (all types are available only in the box with the "All types of items are available" sticker at the time of delivery). You can also make tatami mat seats with the inner box privilege.

Re-Ment "Petit Sample Series, Do You Have a Cup? Izakaya Nonbee"

The new Petit sample series "Izakaya Nonbee" that you can enjoy even if you combine it with your favorite dolls and figures. Why don't you collect them aiming for completeness?