Heiimachi! Tanoshii Sumiko Kaiten Sushi" from Reament
(Image taken from the official website)

Re-Ment will sell "Hey Omachi! Tanoshii Sumiko Kaiten Sushi" will be on sale. The price is 880 yen per piece (tax included). Contents are random. Includes a figure and mini-sheet. The release date is November 7.

Heii-Omachi! Fun Sumiko Kaiten Sushi

Petit sample full of cute sushi with Sumiko as a motif. Four lanes can be connected to form a circle, and sushi can be placed on the lanes and spun around. There are 8 types in total, and the lineup is as follows

1. welcome! Please place your order!
2. pengin? Pengin?
3. don't miss the shrimp tempura roll
4. moo goo, I'm crazy about sushi!
5. today's highlight is Ootoro!
6. popular egg menu
7. today's recommendation
8. wakuwaku okosama menu

Cute Sumikko motifs "Hey Omachi! Tanoshii Sumiko Kaiten Sushi". It will be fun to display them with your other figures and items. Why don't you try to complete the set?

The actual product may differ slightly from the photo.