From "Country Kitchen," Leaments.

Re-Ment will sell the Petit Sample series "Country Kitchen: A Small Kitchen in the Countryside" from Re-Ment. The release date is October 24. The price is 880 yen per box (tax included). Includes figures and mini-sheets. Handled at toy and sundry stores, character stores, etc.

Country Kitchen: A small kitchen in the countryside

Petit samples based on the image of a country kitchen in Europe. The collection is full of cute and natural cooking utensils and dishes. There are 8 kinds in total, and the lineup is as follows

1. morning work
2. a stove with perfect heat
Breakfast time with your favorite dishes
4. using freshly picked fruit
5. finish with a generous amount of cheese
6. mix the ingredients well
7. a work table to get the job done
8. apple pie with plenty of apples

The "Country Kitchen" is a complete set of "Country Kitchen" items that you will want to decorate. You may combine it with your other items! Please pick it up when you see it.

The actual product may differ slightly from the photo.