Petit Sample Series "My favorite subject is school lunch."
(Image taken from the official website)

Re-Ment will sell the Petit Sample series "My favorite subject is school lunch". The release date is September 12. The price is 880 yen per piece (tax included).

My favorite subject is school lunch!

School lunches of the good old days have been made into miniatures. The #1 serving wagon can hold all the containers from #1 to #4, and can also be used as a serving table by expanding the tables on both sides. In addition to the soft noodles and ABC soup, there are many other school lunch items, such as the lid of the milk bottle that you failed to open! The boxed purchase bonus allows you to recreate a diorama of a classroom. There are 8 kinds in total, and the lineup is as follows

#1, Yessssss! Our class is first!
#2, Oh, I have a feeling we're going to run out of these!
#3, I got my favorite food delivery person!
#4, A rock-paper-scissors game you can't lose.
#5. The worst. The lid of the milk bottle is dead!
#6, I wish I had one of these things at home.
#7, My sister taught me how to eat soft noodles.
#8, I can't believe we can eat cake at school.

The petit sample series "My favorite subject is school lunch" will bring back memories of those days. You'll want to collect and display them all!