MUJI "Hitokuchi Lemon Madeleine"
Reduce flour and add more almond powder!

"Sweets with less than 10g (0.35oz) of sugar" are enriched with MUJI products. There are so many types, but this time I tried "Hitokuchi Lemon Madeleine". It is a dish with plenty of almond powder and a lemon peel flavor.

The price is 150 yen and the total calories are 150 kcal. The sugar is 8.2g (0.07oz). We have reduced the amount of flour and used almond powder to reduce the amount of sugar.

MUJI "Hitokuchi Lemon Madeleine"
Contains 5

It contains a total of 5 bite-sized madeleines, perfect for pinching and eating with your fingers. The surface is dry and different from the moist madeleine that is common these days.

The mouthfeel is firm and the sweetness is moderate. The flavor of the lemon peel is very clear, and it smells like citrus that slips through your nose with each bite. It has a strong scent reminiscent of the Western liquor "Limoncello", but the aftertaste is refreshing.

There are multiple pieces, but the amount is a little small to share with someone, so if you want to enjoy it with your family and friends, buy it together with other sweets with sugar 10 g or less. Looks good.

MUJI "Hitokuchi Lemon Madeleine"
It smells like lemon peel

Milk tea seems to be a good drink to accompany, but from the point of view of the product, is it safe to use straight tea?