Lawson's "Premium Basque Basque Cheese Cake"

At each Lawson store, the new "Premium Basque Basque Cheese Cake", which is the original sweet "Basque Basque Cheese Cake", will be released on August 20th. The price is 320 yen (tax included, same below).

"Basque Basque-style cheese cake" has sold 1 million units in 3 days since its release and has sold more than 19 million units so far. This "Premium Baschi" is luxuriously topped with nuts, cream and charred caramel sauce. You can enjoy the rich taste of Hokkaido cream and cream cheese with Parmesan cheese.

In addition, the Dorayaki "Dora Mocchi" series, which has sold a total of about 6 million units since its launch in May, and the "Sakubata Crispy Butter Sandwich" series, which has a familiar name with a focus on new texture and taste. 4 items will be released one after another. The lineup is as follows.

[Released on August 20]
・ Dorayaki chocolate chips & whipped cream 180 yen
Dorayaki is characterized by its chewy texture and plenty of cream. Crispy chocolate chips are added to chocolate cream and whipped cream and wrapped in chocolate dough.

Lawson's "Dora Mocchi Chocolate Chip & Whipped Cream"

[Released on August 27]
・ Crispy butter sand Beri Beri cheese 230 yen
Butter sand with a round and thick shape. Cranberries are sandwiched between butter cream containing strawberry cheese and sandwiched with a crispy cookie dough.

Lawson "Crispy Butter Sand Berry Berry Cheese"

・ Mocheese Mochimochi-zu chocolate 140 yen
Sweets that combine Japanese and Western sweets. Chocolate and cream cheese are kneaded into Shiratama mochi and sprinkled with bitter cocoa powder. Two bite-sized pieces that are easy to eat.

Lawson "Mocheese Mochimochi-zu Chocolate"

・ Puru Shoe Puru Puru Pudding Shoe 195 yen
Cream puff stuffed with caramel sauce after cooling and hardening the pudding in the puff pastry. The outside of the choux pastry is coated with caramel jelly, and the inside and inside of the choux pastry have a “purulun” texture. * Not available in Okinawa

Lawson "Puru Shoe Pururunto Pudding Shoe"