Lawson "Uchi Cafe Japanese Fruit La France" "Kyoho"
La France & Kyoho appear in Lawson's "Uchi Cafe" sherbet

"La France" and "Kyoho" appeared in the sherbet (ice confectionery) of Lawson's "Uchi Cafe Japanese Fruits" series, so I tried it immediately. You can enjoy rich and cold juice like jam.

Both sorbets with sticks are sold in bags, and the price is 185 yen (tax included). The calories are 105kcal for La France and 71kcal for Kyoho.

La France

Lawson "Uchi Cafe Japanese Fruit La France"
La France, synonymous with pear!

First of all, La France's sorbet, which is synonymous with pear, uses fruits from Yamagata prefecture, and reproduces the smooth texture, juicy and melty texture, and the aroma and sweetness of ripe fruits in the sorbet. I am.

Lawson "Uchi Cafe Japanese Fruit La France"
40% fruit juice and rich

It is rich with 40% fruit juice, and when you put it in your mouth, you can enjoy a fresh scent like juice and a condensed flavor like jam. By the way, when you cut the edge with a knife, the outside is yellow-green and the inside is white, and it looks just like the skin and flesh of a pear.

Lawson "Uchi Cafe Japanese Fruit La France"
Cross section cut with a knife. Like pear skin and pulp?


Lawson "Uchi Cafe Japanese Fruit La France"
Speaking of large grapes, Kyoho!

Kyoho sorbet, which is a representative of large grapes, contains 27% of domestic Kyoho juice and 5% of domestic Shine Muscat juice. The rich and deep Kyoho and the fresh taste of Shine Muscat that can be eaten with the skin are reproduced in one.

Lawson "Uchi Cafe Japanese Fruit La France"
Contains 2 types of grape juice

When I grabbed the tip of the sorbet, as it melted on my tongue, the two types of grape juice that had been mixed spread all over my mouth, making me feel like I was drinking a strong juice. The faint flavor of Western liquor tickles the nose aftertaste.

Lawson "Uchi Cafe Japanese Fruit La France"
it was delicious!

Both La France and Kyoho were ice creams where you can enjoy the taste of fruits in a luxurious and gorgeous atmosphere to your heart's content. It's perfect for people who like fruit drinks but want something colder in the hot season.