Komeda's lunch rice plate "pizza toast set"

A new menu has been added to the "Lunch Rice Plate" offered at Komeda Coffee! In addition to "Tamatoma Lettuce Sandwich" and "Ogura Whipped Sandwich", "Pizza Toast Set" has been added.

Lunch rice plate "pizza toast set"

"Lunch rice plate" is a lunch menu that is served from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm on weekdays only. You can order it with a drink. The new pizza toast set is a thick slice of bread pizza toast with salad and egg paste, and the price is a drink fee + 570 yen (tax included).

Komeda's lunch rice "pizza toast set"
Pizza toast set

The pizza toast, which is a plump, crispy thick slice of bread topped with plenty of cheese, bacon, tomato sauce, etc., is full of volume! The smooth cheese that stretches smoothly is irresistible ♪

Komeda's lunch rice "pizza toast set"
The bread is thick!

Komeda's lunch rice "pizza toast set"

The big difference from the regular menu " Plenty of egg pizza toast " is the thickness of the bread and the presence or absence of egg paste. Plenty of egg pizza toast sandwiches the overflowing egg paste with two slices of bread, while the lunch rice plate pizza toast is topped with one thick slice of bread.

Komeda "Plenty of egg pizza toast"
Plenty of egg pizza toast

Komeda "Plenty of egg pizza toast"
Egg paste is sandwiched between the breads

Although it is a little, the pizza toast set also comes with an egg paste along with the salad, so you can enjoy it by topping it on the pizza toast. Is it a little too much for a pizza toast with plenty of eggs? It is a nice set for those who say.

Komeda's lunch rice "pizza toast set"

Weekday limited Komeda "Lunch rice plate" new menu "Pizza toast set". It goes perfectly with coffee. Please give it a try!

* Services, menu contents and prices are as of the time of the interview. Also, it may vary depending on the store.