Kua Aina "Guava Fir"

In this installment of our series comparing tapioca drinks from fast food and chain restaurants, we review a tapioca drink from Kua Aina!

Kua Aina "Tapioca Drink

There are two types of tapioca drinks on the menu: "Momiti" (391 yen) and "Guava Momi" (364 yen). Momi" means "pearl" in Hawaiian, which in turn means tapioca. Momi Tea is a simple tapioca milk tea. Guava Momi, on the other hand, is a combination of Kua Aina's most popular drink, guava juice, and tapioca.

I tried the guava momi this time.

Kua Aina "Guava Fir"

Tapioca drink "Guava Momi."

Yummmm! The slightly thickened and mild taste reminds us of the red ripe natural guava fruit. The tropical taste of refreshing sweetness mixed with sourness soaks into your thirsty throat! This is delicious in summer!

Kua Aina "Guava Fir"
Guava is the best

And each piece of tapioca is huge! Just like large pearls, they just barely passed through the thick straw, but they were so chewy and strong that they were very chewy and strong. It is twice as chewy as any tapioca I have ever eaten. The amount of tapioca is not particularly large, but it is large and filling enough to fill you up.

Kua Aina "Guava Fir"
It's insanely filling.

Kua Aina's tapioca drink offers the delicious taste of tropical fruit, which is typical of Hawaiian restaurants, and the presence of tapioca, which is very impressive and bold. It's the perfect drink for a hot day!